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June in the Ribble Valley

June in the Ribble Valley

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June is the sixth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It is synonymous with the arrival of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. June has long been associated with celebrations, particularly weddings, earning the title of a traditional “wedding season.” This article will explore some interesting June facts, explain why June is a popular month for weddings, and note some special events in the Ribble Valley.

June at a glance

Summer solstice, summer meadows, sunset

1st Start of Meteorological Summer
7-9th Appleby Horse Fair (Romany and traveller gathering)
9th Ribble Valley Ride (A charity bike ride through the idyllic Ribble Valley countryside)
8th Slaidburn Steam and Vintage display
16th Father’s Day
20th Summer Solstice/Midsummer’s Day

June Facts: Origin and Significance

June derives its name from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and the well-being of women. No wonder this month is traditionally tied to love and matrimonial bliss. June is not only about weddings, though; it’s a month rich with history and various cultural celebrations across the globe.

For many agricultural societies, June is a crucial month for planting and harvesting. Days are spent in the fields, ensuring the success of crops.

June is also a time of natural phenomena. In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice around June 21st marks the year’s longest day. Conversely, the Southern Hemisphere experiences the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

Barnaby** bright, Barnaby bright,
The longest day and the shortest night
When St Barnabas smiles both night and day
Poor ragged robin blooms in the hay**

*St Barnabas Day was traditionally the first day of haymaking
** Ragged robin is a plant of old hay meadows

Your June Table

Your June nature table can be full to bursting with the flowers of the moment: roses, lavender, herb Robert and Campion, echoing old midsummer traditions of decorating doorways and windows with flowers. Items to find:

  • A vase full of young oak leaves
  • A jam jar of wildflowers
  • Yellow and green candles
    A bowl of strawberries
  • Colourful ribbons
  • Lots of green and lots of colour

(Courtesy of The Almanac)

June Table, green candles, oak leaves, strawberries, wild flowers

June Weddings

June has long been regarded as the quintessential wedding season. The pleasant weather and the extended daylight hours create the perfect backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. But the allure of June weddings goes beyond practical reasons.

Historical Ties to June Weddings

The tradition of June weddings can be traced back to ancient Rome, where couples would marry in June to honour Juno, seeking her blessing for a prosperous and happy marriage. Moreover, June was also practical for another reason: it followed May, which was the month when many people took their annual baths, making June brides and grooms smell fresh.

Modern Reasons for June Weddings

Today, couples choose June for their weddings for a variety of reasons. The month is often associated with beautiful blooming flowers, creating a romantic setting for nuptials. Moreover, June is a convenient time for guests with children in school, as it coincides with the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation, making it easier for families to attend.

Wedding gift ideas from Valley Living: cards, certificate holders, ring dishes, horseshoes

June Brides and Traditions

The term “June bride” is a nod to the popularity of getting married this month. But what makes a June bride unique, and what are some traditions associated with June weddings?

The Significance of Being a June Bride

June brides are thought to be blessed with good fortune and happiness in their marriages. The goddess Juno, protector of women and marriage, is associated with June weddings, adding a layer of divine favour.


June delicacies …


3 Ways with Watercress, Download Aud's recipes here.

Wherever you shop, you will find Watercress in abundance during these summer months. It is packed full of nutrition and has lots of health benefits, one of which is helping to strengthen your immune system. This month, I have three tasty recipes for you to choose from to help you incorporate Watercress into your diet during your cooking this summer.


Conclusion: Why June Stands Out

June stands out for many reasons. Its connection to love, marriage, and the goddess Juno gives it a romantic allure that has endured through the ages. The perfect weather and the promise of summer make it an ideal time for celebrations and new beginnings.

For those planning a June wedding, this month offers a blend of tradition, beauty, and favourable conditions that are hard to resist. And for the rest of us, June presents a chance to revel in the longer days, enjoy the warm weather, and celebrate this month’s many occasions.

Whether you’re a June bride or simply someone who appreciates the unique charm of this mid-year month, there’s no denying that June holds a special place in the calendar year. It’s a time to celebrate, come together, and enjoy the season’s bounties.


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