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Our story so far ...

Valley Living was established by me, Audrey Spencer, to create a unique collection of affordable yet stylish gifts and accessories to the high street of Clitheroe – helping us to enjoy giving and receiving tokens of love and friendship.

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I established Valley Living in 2017 and since then our ranges have developed and grown along the journey and we have added to our collections considerably, we now offer our customers a large range of carefully selected items from delicate pieces of jewellery, luxury fragranced soaps, body creams and candles and a beautiful selection of items for around the home.

Each item has been hand picked so that customers can enjoy them both for themselves, in their own homes or giving to others to enjoy.

My home has always been in the beautiful Ribble Valley area of England, surrounded by stunning countryside and lots of family and friends, with that comes many social gatherings and occasions to both give and receive gifts. From house warmings, birthdays and weddings to village celebrations and charity fundraising event.

My career up to opening my own shop has always been in hospitality, I am a qualified chef and teacher and I am fortunate to have worked in many varied establishments from award winning restaurants and major sporting events to boutique country house hotels and a Royal Palace.

Along the way I have had lots of positive experiences and picked up many ideas for social gatherings, thoughtful gestures and just perfect finishing touches, many of which accumulate here at Valley Living.

Hope you enjoy Valley Living.

Auds x

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