Celebrating April With Valley Living
Celebrating April With Valley Living

Celebrating April With Valley Living

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April Fool’s Day 1st April

When Jim’s pants legs are found sewed up;

When ma of coffee takes a sup

And finds the sugar tastes like salt—

I say, quite inn’cent, “Taint my fault.”

They frown and say, half-scold, half-laugh,

“This here is some of Willie’s chaff.”


Say, you look as though you might

Know how a boy ‘d feel at night,

As though a big day’s work was done,

And how h’d fooled ’em all—’cept one—

For pa, he’d said to me, one side,

“Don’t ye fool Me, ‘r I’ll tan yer hide!”

— Will E. Cowles.


The month of April got its name from the Latin word “aperire,” which means “to open.” This perfectly aligns with spring, when nature wakes up, symbolising new beginnings and opportunities.

April at a Glance

Easter time, eggs in basket.

1st Easter Monday (Christian)

1st April Fool’s Day

9th Aid-al-Fitr (Islamic celebration of the end of Ramadan)

22nd Mother Earth Day

23rd St Georges Day

23rd National Asparagus Day

April Fools’ Day (1st)

A day where we play pranks and practical jokes on each other, but have you ever wondered why? In the 16th century, the Julian calendar was replaced with the Gregorian calendar. Those who continued to celebrate the new year on the first day of April were called “April fools” and were often the victims of jokes and hoaxes. So now you know why!

Mother Earth Day (22nd)

Earth Day is a global event dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainability. It reminds us of our responsibility to protect and preserve the precious planet we call home.

St Georges Day (23rd)

Legend has it that St George fought a dragon and saved a princess in the town of Silene – although this is most likely a myth. According to legend, the only well in Silene was guarded by a dragon and each day, residents had to make human sacrifices to access the water.

A princess was the next to be sacrificed, but St George bravely fought the dragon to save her from her fate. After St George successfully killed the dragon, the people of Silene were finally granted free access to the well, and, as a token of their gratitude, they converted to Christianity.

So, what does this have to do with English? St George became legendary in English history due to his courage and bravery. Despite never coming to England, he was adopted as its patron saint and died on 23rd April.

April Birthdays

April gift ideas, purses and glasses casesThose born in April share a birthday month with Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, and Queen Elizabeth II. According to the zodiac, they will either be a confident and energetic Aries (March 21st – April 19th) or a reliable and patient Taurus (April 20th – May 20th).

April gift ideas, bags and scarves

April Flowers and Stones

The April birthstone is a diamond symbolising strength, clarity, and invincibility. The Daisy is the birth flower representing purity, innocence, and new beginnings.

Your April Table

April Table eggs, bulbs and spring flowers.

Lea Leendertz, author of The Almanac 2024, has a great suggestion. Write a word or intention for the month ahead on a piece of paper and add it to your monthly table along with some of the following items.

  • Yellow candles
  • Pastel coloured tablecloth
  • Little nest filled with colourful eggs
  • Vase of cherry blossom
  • Miniature spring bulbs potted
  • A bunch of spring flowers
  • Pastel coloured ribbons
  • Seeds to be sown.

Aud’s Kitchen 

Bowland Beef & Ale Pie

With St Georges’s Day on the 23rd of April, I thought it would be fitting to make a traditional English dish. The ingredients in this pie are simple, yet when combined and with the long, slow cooking process, the finished dish is beautifully tender and very tasty.




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