Welcome to October 2023
Welcome to October 2023

Welcome to October 2023

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Six facts about October

I love filling up the shop with new goods each season. Although I have been doing it for five years, it still excites me.

And Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The Autumn fair stock arrives, and we fill our shelves with warm hues, cosy knitwear, throws, scarves and candles, everything we need to make our homes more comfortable as we prepare for the end of the month when the days become shorter.

Autumn Leaves poem

1 Start of English Pudding Season

Traditionally, the 1 October was the date the English pudding season started. We’re not talking Sticky Toffee Pudding, though; traditional English puddings were savoury, not sweet!

Think slow-cooked steak, leaks, mushrooms, and spice and cook slowly for maximum tenderness and flavour. It’s the perfect comfort food as we come to the end of Autumn.


14 – 20 National Baking Week 

Initially founded by Pyrex in 2007, National Baking Week is designed to encourage people of all abilities to bake at home.

I thought it would be good to share my super easy recipe for Cranberry and White Chocolate Chip Flapjack in case you want to take part. This recipe is a great way to get children interested in baking and includes chocolate so that is usually winner with them too 🙂 Download recipe here.

Cranberry & White Chocolate Flapjack

20 Wear it pink 

Breast Cancer Now’s Wear It Pink Day is one of the most significant fundraising events in the UK. On 20 October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, thousands of amazing people will wear pink in their communities, schools or workplaces for the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now.


17 – 23 Chocolate Week 

Chocolate Week celebrates all things chocolate, aiming to promote artisan chocolatiers and fair-trade chocolate companies. It takes place throughout the UK and features over a hundred events, including conferences, competitions, demonstrations, tastings, trade shows and workshops. Three facts about chocolate you may not know. . . 1) white chocolate isn’t really chocolate because it doesn’t contain cocoa solids. 2) The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry. 3) The Aztecs loved and valued the cacao bean so highly that they used it as currency during the height of their civilisation.


29 – The Clocks go back


Batten down the hatches, get out your throws and prepare for the cooler nights ahead. Give yourself the gift of time with our Cotton & Grey honey scented candles designed to help you relax and unwind. You could also take some inspiration from the Scandinavians and Hygge your home . . . lovely.


31 Halloween

Traditionally called “All Hallows’ Eve,” Halloween is celebrated the evening before the Christian holy day of All Hallows’ Day or All Saints Day (1 November). Therefore, Halloween is always celebrated on 31 October.

Family and Friends – October Birthdays

Family and friends having fun outdoors

Libra is the only Zodiac constellation representing an object rather than a person or creature.

Libra: 23 September – 22 October

Symbol: The Sales

Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Colour: Blue

Characteristics: Diplomatic, loyal, well-balanced, caring, imaginative, artistic, charming, beautiful.

Birthstone: Those born in October enjoy two spectacular birthstones commemorating their birthdays – opal and tourmaline. Both October birthstones have endless colour combinations and beautiful colouring characteristics.

Birth flowers: They also have two birth flowers, the Marigold and the Cosmo

The Marigold thrives throughout Autumn, no matter the weather conditions. Because of this, they have a meaning of stubbornness and determination. And, with how bright and colourful they are, they also symbolise warmth, passion and creativity.

The Cosmo flower symbolises peace, tranquillity and harmony. It comes in various colours like orange, pink, white, red and purple. 


October Food


When the nights are drawing in, and you start to feel a chill in the air, it’s time to embrace the yummy fruits (Apples, Figs, Pears, Plums & Quinces) and veggies (Celeriac, Jerusalem Artichokes, Squash) of Autumn.

If you want a fun way to introduce your children to baking for National Baking Week or you need to entertain them now the weekends are cooling down, take a look at my recipe ideas for this month.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Chip and Orange Cookies and Cranberry and White Chocolate Flapjack

Both recipes are nice and easy to make and delicious with a nice cup of tea!




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Audrey Spencer
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