Put the kettle on in true British style!
Put the kettle on in true British style!

Put the kettle on in true British style!

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Queen Elizabeth II has served us as the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) since 1952 when her beloved father King George VI died of lung cancer, She was only 25 at the time of her coronation.

This year marks her 70th anniversary which makes her the longest reigning monarch in British History!

Queen Elizabeth II has had three major jubilees to date, Silver in 1977, Golden in 2022, and Diamond in 2012. The Platinum celebrations will kick off on 2nd June 2022 with Trooping the Colour, which includes the queen’s birthday parade.

Sweet treats!

Like most of us, the queen appreciates a nice cake, check out our recipe for The queen’s favourite cake

Food has always played a large part in the jubilee celebrations, for example Coronation Chicken was created for the queen’s coronation lunch in 1952. This year’s official pudding will be a lemon and amaretti trifle, created by Jenna Melvin from Southport.

Whatever way you are planning to celebrate, it will almost certainly involve food and drink, in the true spirit of the Great British!

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Queens Jubilee Gift Collection

To commemorate this historic event, we’ve chosen a fitting gift collection that has been specially designed and made in the UK.

Inspired by the magnificent dress worn by the queen during her coronation in 1952. Each piece features the flowers that were embroidered onto the dress.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to give your family or friends a memorable gift or keep for yourself!  Choose from a stylish apron, magnets, canvas bags or teatime specials – tea and biscuit tins complete with matching mugs and coasters. View the whole collection here!

So, don your apron, put the kettle on and celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in style!

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