Introducing Bee Bombs
Introducing Bee Bombs

Introducing Bee Bombs

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BeeBombs are packs of 18 species of British wildflower seeds. The seeds are mixed with clay powder and locally sourced, unfortified soil – making them what we believe is the latest innovation in wildlife gardening.

Beebombs are the easiest way to attract bees back to their wildflower habitat, which has sadly vanished by 97% since WW2. Yes, 97%! We all know that bees are in trouble – populations have fallen, and they are vital for our food supply and other wildlife. We need to do more about it as individuals.

So, what are Bee Bombs?

Bee Bombs are a mix of thousands of wildflower seeds, mixed with local protective clay. 

The use of seed balls ensures the seeds have a nurturing environment to germinate and protect them from nasty predators.

No plastic is used in the creation, transportation or packaging of the Bee Bombs – making them extremely sustainable.

The seed balls are created sustainably on a farm in Dorset.

How do you use them?

To ‘plant’ the Bee Bombs, simply scatter them onto some soil. Once the bombs are scattered, tend to them with water and ensure plenty of sunlight, from there it is simply a waiting game. Wildflowers are slower growers than other seeds and can take up to two years, you can’t rush beauty right?

Some flowers will blossom within twelve months but some will take up to the two-year mark.

The Bee Bombs have been confirmed as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ by the RHS.

A green thumb isn’t required for these bee bombs, only a care for the cause. If we all did a little, imagine what an incredible impact we could make. Join us on this journey to bring back wildlife and bees, one BeeBomb at a time.

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Audrey Spencer
Audrey Spencer
Founder & owner