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Richard Bramble

British-based artist Richard Bramble lovingly renders individual, vibrant images of wildlife and marine life onto his quality range of ceramic homeware.

"My work as an artist ranges from the figurative to the abstract. Depending upon the subject matter I use a whole range of mediums (oils, oil pastels, watercolours, charcoal and chalk) to create original paintings and drawings."

These illustrations give every piece a stunning dimension of colour and character, and I’m proud to be able to display them in my Valley Living Collections.

Richard has always been a lifelong artist, and his natural talent and decades of experience both shine through in his work. His paintings and illustrations have frequently been inspired by his fishing and diving experiences off the English coast, and his affection for the natural world is clear to see in every finished product (which makes them excellent counterparts to the images of forestry wildlife so beloved by many of the Collections’ other designers).

Staying true to the pedigree of his subjects, Richard designs his ceramics right here in the UK, and they are manufactured both here in the UK and Europe.

They are kiln-fired to create a hardwearing porcelain ceramic that’s reassuringly durable, making them both dishwasher-proof, microwave-proof and heat-proof for warming (Only the roaster dishes are fully oven-proof).