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Lancaster & Gibbings

Jim Lancasters aim has always been to produce work that is distinctive and contemporary, with its own individual style.

Lancaster & Gibbings came to life in the early 1990’s with nothing but a shared aspiration, between designers Jim Lancaster and Sarah Gibbings, to make a living designing and producing their own work.

Both Jim and Sarah worked for the BBC in different, but equally as creative roles. This meant lots of different ideas for their business which they would finally have to whittle down to one. In the hunt for the perfect business idea, Jim and Sarah took to their very own kitchen with one idea, which originally was not the obvious choice.

Pewter wasn’t something that stood out for a business idea due to its properties that aren’t perhaps as strong and economical as others. Thankfully the talented designers didn’t let that get in their way, starting by casting a small piece using pewter, they was shocked at how they had created an item in their own style with such quality.

After realising that this could be the one, and a few attempts later, an understanding of pewter was present. As more and more designs and moulds were created, a degree of detail was then established. Both Jim and Sarah really liked how the metal could be used in many different and creative ways.

Their first sale was made at Greenwich Market, London in 1994 which created an opportunity for them to develop their own style whilst gaining useful customer feedback (an essential to any business!). Leading to their first ever trade show exhibition in 1996.

Fast forward to now, Lancaster & Gibbings can be found all over the world in some of the leading retailers, most importantly Valley Living. Their products provide a fine example to each shop of British Made and distinctive giftware.

To this day Jim keeps the original ‘Lancaster & Gibbings’ look and vision in mind whilst producing fine pewter in his late wife Sarah’s legacy.