White Ceramic Mug With ‘Cut Out’ Pattern



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This is definitely one of our top picks here at Valley Living –  White Ceramic Mug With ‘Cut Out’ Pattern.
We have actually noticed that our customers pick these up in the shop with a perplexed look- at first glance the glass shapes look like holes!
When really this white mug from Shruti has clear see through patterns engraved into the ceramic, perfectly pourable for your favourite hot beverage, have people wondering how it works.
The mug is lined with glass to really create that mystery illusion. The main problem on your hands is choosing which pattern!

Approx Dimensions: 8cm high x 10cm deep x 13cm wide incl handle.
Available in two designs: Star or Heart.
Dishwasher safe.

We also have some votive/ candle holders similar to these mugs: Shop here.

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