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Wet Shorts Card


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he had been doing perfectly fine on his own, he had got past the difficult knee area and had been well on the way to thinking about getting his trunks wet, but if they thought he was going to be rushed into anything by some scrupulous splashing then they could think again, now he would have to head back, dry off, and start off all over again…

Once upon a time, there lived a proud peddler of all thing extraordinarily interesting stories and beautifully whimsical things. Or whimsy peddler for short.
She wrote lots of things, she wrote lists of great import like a list of reasons to fall in love… and out of love. She wrote very short stories about old photographs. Some of the old photographs were of her family, like pictures of her great-grandma who was apparently terrifying. Some of her photographs were sent from far and wide by her lovely customers.
Everything, importantly, is printed onto recycled, eco-friendly and organic card.

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