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Jewellery Buying Guide

To help you find your perfect piece, we have put together a simple jewellery buying guide to help you when it comes to selecting a piece of our new Valley Living jewellery.

A guide to buying jewellery, the Valley Living way…

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver is a metal alloy used for jewellery, it was created when it came to light that silver alone was not strong enough to provide good quality and long lasting jewellery. It contains 92.5 % silver and the remaining 7.5% metals to make the silver stronger, usually copper. This is purely to provide strength and to ensure the jewellery is long lasting. Purchasing sterling silver jewellery is making a clever purchase which will last a lifetime. Shop for style that lasts.

Silver Plated Jewellery

Also known as costume & fashion jewellery. Silver-plated jewellery is a cheaper alternative to sterling silver.
The base of the jewellery is a metal alloy which has then been coated with silver, making them good quality, pretty and delicate pieces with a lower price tag to fit more occasions. This jewellery is nickel, lead and chrome-free, as well as being suitable for sensitive skin (hypoallergenic tested).


We hope this helps! Happy Shopping…