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Jin Designs

Jin Designs was established in 2005 by graphic designer Jinny Ursell, who works from her studio in Hove near Brighton, England.

Jinny, Designer and Founder of Jin Designs

Jin Designs

Jinny grew up in Hertfordshire and had a passion for graphic design from an early age. I first met her at the Top Drawer Trade Fair in London in January 2017, and instantly fell in love with her clean and simple creations. In a world filled with noise and clutter, her emphasis is on clean white space with plenty of room to breathe.

Jinny uses this simplicity to leave her designs intentionally open to interpretation, letting her customers create their own little ‘stories’ for each design. This helps everyone who buys one of her products to develop their own individual, personal meaning for each piece. It’s just one of the many fascinating things I adore about them! Jin Designs products are of the very highest quality, and many are made right here in the UK.