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English Pewter Company

Like many of the other artisans featured in my Valley Living Collections, the talented metalsmiths at the English Pewter Company use traditional manufacturing methods together with innovation and creativity, producing a range of quality giftware in a variety of fascinating designs.

As you’ll see when you browse their products, they give a strong focus on country living-related accessories, with pheasants, stags and honey bees amongst the British wildlife that have been affectionately represented in their range.

All these pewter products are handmade in Sheffield, a city world-renowned for quality metalwork. Having recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary, the English Pewter Company have been manufacturing some of the finest pewter products to be found anywhere in the world.

The company’s approach to quality, traditional craftsmanship and British manufacturing – together with their passion for country life – all combine to make the English Pewter Company a natural partner for Valley Living.