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Broste Copenhagen

The Broste Copenhagen range is designed to be simple, tactile and stunning.

A blend of modern edge and classic vitality.

Broste Copenhagen, where each piece is hand-finished, so no two pieces are the same, and you may find – as I did – that you just want to pick each piece up to feel the texture for yourself! This Scandinavian collection features three different colourways: Nordic Sea, Nordic Sand, and Nordic Coal. All effortlessly complement each other, so you freely can mix and match your tableware to your own personal tastes.

Since its foundation in 1955, Broste Copenhagen has established a reputation for being one of Scandinavia’s leading interior brands. Its designers pride themselves on travelling the world for inspiration and materials, and their processes have been delicately refined over time, so that the finished pieces always preserve the feel and character of the original material.

The nordic brand describe their pieces as having “a blend of modern edge and classic vitality.” The same way I cherish the British-made nature of many of our products in the shop, so too do Broste Copenhagen take great pride in the Nordic traditions that inspire their designs. If you ever visit my shop here in the Ribble Valley, you’ll always be able to spot Broste Copenhagen giftware by their distinctive Nordic signature.

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