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Save the Turtles!

World Turtle Day 2019

Save the turtles! It’s World Turtle Day 2019, and at Valley Living we are all about saving the whole earth, which, includes the turtles.

About World Turtle Day

World turtle day is an annual observance to inform and enlighten people to save the turtles, pretty much what it says on the tin!
On this day people celebrate protecting turtles and tortoises too and look a little deeper into their endangered and disappearing habitats all around the world…

Obviously we shouldn’t just think about the (slowly dying) planet and the turtles on this day only, but i will be the first to admit, we have our own busy lives, and it is easy to forget about what is happening in the world…
Luckily, there are people devoted to this sort of subject, who should not go unappreciated! People like this are behind amazing charities and nonprofits, such as:
‘SAVE-A-TURTLE’ as well as organisations which are for saving the planet, including turtles, such as 4OCEAN.
Watch below….

The video above is the perfect way to add a little context to this blog.
But to reiterate, turtles (6/7 species) are threatened and endangered, unfortunately at the hands of us humans, and in many ways than one but with one deadly killer…

Ocean Pollution and Plastic

We all know of the classic killers of the turtles:

  • Poaching
  • Entanglement / Bycatch
  • Loss of Nesting

But the fact is, there’s a new one on the loose…
Ocean Pollution 100,000s
Hundreds of thousands of marine life, including turtles a YEAR die from ocean pollution..


Unfortunately, that’s the truth. Marine Debris is no-ones fault but our own. This man made waste is the ‘marine murderer’, waste (in)directly disposed in oceans and rivers is the problem. 80% of this waste is from landfills.

💡Imagine pouring 80% of your local recycling site into the ocean 💡

The point is you wouldn’t even dream of it, it doesn’t seem possible.
But in reality the North Pacific aka. the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is a 20 foot deep pile of waste in the ocean, the turtles home. This plastic island is estimated to hold 3.5 million tonnes of waste in the next 5 years.
This patch of garbage is already the size of Texas

The reality:

No one is naive enough to think that this will be changed from one blog, people will always litter, will always waste, & always disrespect the planet.


The more people who know about it, share it and join in on the cause, the more people this ideology reaches, the more chance we have. All it takes is a little education…

Researchers have estimated that for every 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) of plankton in this area, there is 13.2 pounds (6 kilograms) of plastic. Common marine debris items includes things like cigarette butts, cans, plastic bags and bottles, styrofoam, balloons, lighters, and toothbrushes. Discarded or lost fishing gear such as lines, nets and buoys are especially dangerous to sea life. 

We agree with the WWF’s 10 ways you can help to save the planet, which incorporates things like using your voice, no one is saying handcuff yourself to a railing and shout about the turtles, its more like a simple share on facebook, a post on instagram, in this day and age the little things can go a long way…
Read the ten ways here –

What we can do at Valley Living

We will always support such charities and organisations on social media, we love to click and share and support saving the earth. We also realised that we can help in other ways:

Our Products

We’ve sat and thought about how we can help, product wise, and we have started making a list (which is still growing) for our eco friendly products:

Shop a pack of four, stainless steel straws, which are reusable, BPA free and non toxic, and so are our Into The Wild Hydration Cups and our Huskup Travel mugs.
Or in the shop, our gift bags are made from recycled textiles as well as many of our cards which are finished with recycled envelopes and your shopping experience in the shop is completed with your items in an environmentally friendly Valley Living Paper bag
A few little ideas of how you can shop to save the planet ♥

Kelsey Pilkington, owner