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Valley Living’s Newest Pick: Welcoming – Scion Living

The Newest Valley Living Recruit

There’s nothing like sitting down with the tv remote in one hand and a brew in the other (maybe balancing a hobnob somewhere)

I’ve noticed that maybe I do have one or two guilty pleasures when it comes to looking at the ‘my recordings’ section on my television. If you’ve followed Valley Living for a while and are an ‘avid’ reader of my blogs you’ll know that to me Valley Living isn’t just my business – it’s everything I love described in material items, gorgeous pieces for the table and stylish accessories for the home.

As you can imagine my brain is nonstop incorporating things into my brand…. while catching up on one of my favourite type of TV programmes (‘home make overs’) I spotted this fun and modern Scion range from Scion Living

This particular night I was sitting down with my cuppa and I switched my TV onto this show.

Going back to what I said the Valley Living cogs in my brain never stop working, I love being able to bring fresh, new and contemporary things to the Ribble Valley and now the internet so when I saw ‘Scion Living’ my notebook was out.

On one of my favourites ‘Alan Titchmarsh – Love your Home & Garden’ I spotted this Scion Range, they had used it to finish a modern kitchen with a dark granite work top and there was something about it that was just so refreshing and fun. I made a note to research this make, Scion Living at Valley Living- it had a sort of ring to it.

After I had done a little bit of research I realised why it probably jumped out at me, it is the same parent company as another British Designer and super range I stock, Keith Brymer Jones, which you may have seen on The Great Pottery Throw Down?

The word Scion is defined in two ways either:

  1. ‘ a young shoot or twig’
  2. ‘the descendant of a notable family’

To me they both describe this brand perfectly. Scion Living is without a doubt the energetic and fun addition to other products and ranges here at Valley Living. This brand just jumped out to me…if you take a look I think you will agree 🙂

The next day my Scion order had been made.

Check out the full Scion range avaliable at Valley Living here – SHOP NOW.

Audrey Spencer, owner

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