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Mosney Mill: Meet The Artist

The talent behind Mosney Mill, Emma Sutton, joined us at Valley Living on Saturday 1st June for a meet the artist event.

If you keep up with our social media and like our website, you will probably have noticed our Mosney Mill Range. We have noticed in the shop that people always take a longer look at our ranges that are slightly more unique and special, Mosney Mill is certainly one of them.

Most days we will go into a lot of detail with interested customers about Mosney Mill and Emma Sutton, the artist behind Mosney Mill. So we thought why not bring her in and let our customers see her drawings come to life, at Valley Living with this Mosney Mill Meet the Artist event.

A little about Mosney Mill

Mosney Mill is a beautiful renovated Mill in the Lancashire countryside. Formerly ‘Mosney Print Works’, Emma and her family bought this land and took it upon themselves to renovate it. This is when they discovered the history behind it…

On the banks of River Darwen, Emma during the time of renovations took the time to take in the raw beauty of her family’s newly acquired land. She said the connection she made with the place was ‘almost spiritual’ and she instantly felt like she was home.

“My business is built around a love of my home. “Home at heart” is the sense of belonging I got instantly when I first arrived on Mosney and where I gain all my creative inspiration. Mosney Printworks was the birthplace of modern textile printing, and as an artist, it is my dream to revive this rich heritage.” – Emma Sutton


Personally, i’m a sucker for that, if you have followed our social media and blogs for a while, you will have seen me mention the term ‘Gezelligheid’.
It’s a dutch term which depending on context, means a state of being comfortable and relaxed. This is how i read Emma’s story, as if she visited this place and it just clicked, and felt right, as if this is what she had been missing.

After this feeling, Mosney Mill came to life, the business was launched in late 2016 by Emma and the support of her family.

Legend has it,
she hasn’t put down her pencils since!


Our ‘Mosney Mill, Meet the Artist’ Event

With canapés and lots of Mosney Mill information at the ready, we opened the door on saturday to lots of intrigued and lovely customers. It was so inspiring to see Emma, so passionately, talk about her business, creations and stories.

The team at Valley Living and Emma learnt a lot from this event, and we would love to do more of this sort of thing, so be sure to keep your eye out!


Emma’s drawings come to life on various products including fine bone china, kitchenware and textiles, so have a look at them on our website, but i think with Emma’s genuine talent it won’t end here, her ranges, drawings or business opportunities!
From sitting in her studio overlooking remarkable nature and sketching what she sees.
Emma is so truly talented and i believe this is only the start for her.
I can now call Emma my friend, and i know i will watch her flourish as years go by…


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