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Celebrating Father’s Day: Lockdown Edition

Just because we can't do it Conventionally, doesn't mean we can't celebrate!

June means a few things in the UK right now. One being the first relaxation phase of the lockdown, however one that’s equally as important is Father’s Day on the 21st. Fathers Day is a special day and comes round every year, although 2020 will be one we’ll always remember!

Obviously we still aren’t allowed to do a lot of things, go many places or celebrate the ‘normal way’. We all know this is for our safety but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating, especially when we want to do our best to celebrate Father’s Day. The new lockdown measures allow us to see 5 other people, from a different household, but still following social distancing and ONLY outside. This means those who don’t live with their dads, can’t even give them a hug.

At Valley Living, we are all about enjoying and appreciating good company, it’s sad for us that we can’t celebrate with family in the conventional way. So we got out the drawing board and thought of the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day the Valley Living way, Lockdown edition!

Below you will find our list of Father’s Day ideas, incorporating all Lockdown government rules for same household and different household families.

1. BBQ!

This idea, being weather dependant, is great for same and different household families. Enjoy a tasty bbq in the sun, socialise, and have fun whilst being outdoors, and keeping a safe 2 meter distance.
Most men love to get their bbq on, let them take on the BBQ king role for the day, or even better serve him one up.
What a better way to spend Father’s day with family all around, a tasty spread and an ice cold beer.


2. Bring the Restaurant Home

Many of us love to have a nice meal out for celebrating Father’s Day. Although that’s not actually possible this year there’s a few alternatives you could instead of the conventional meal out.
Many restaurants who have had to close because of the pandemic have adapted and started doing takeaways, bringing their experience to your door. In the Ribble Valley there are lots of places that you can now take out or get brought to you. Now is the time to keep supporting your favourite and local businesses, one order can go a long way.

3. A Lovely Home Cooked Meal

Dining in has never been better. With all huge restaurants releasing their favourite recipes to fans of their food, there are hundreds of things you could cook. Some different, some maybe just a favourite meal. This Father’s Day in Lockdown could be made truly special, the home cooked way.
Of course, as well as your favourite recipes, you could also check out our recipe and tasty tips blogs. Something might just take your fancy.

4. Breakfast In Bed

Following our last idea, celebrating Father’s Day beginning with breakfast in bed is definitely the best way to start. Unfortunately this would only work for people living in the same household as you but waking up to a lovely breakfast, some presents and beautiful cards is a great idea.

5. A Hike

Become ramblers for the day! This is another one which is dependant on the weather (depending on how brave you are) but is a great way to spend time with your family from other households in the great outdoors. Get kitted out in your walking gear, a flask, and some sandwiches for the day and you’re set.

6. A Family Zoom / Quiz Night

Not everybody is lucky enough to have family local, and in this time, there’s no way to see them. However, in the digital world you can see their faces and their smiles through your screen.
Try a family catch up using zoom or another video chat service like facebook messenger. Having a chat, a virtual drink together, or even a classic pub quiz might just be the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day in these strange times.

As well as all of the above, a nice gift and a meaningful card will never go a miss. We always try our best to try and offer our best advice online and in the shop for presents. We will be publishing a gift ideas blog to our little Father’s Day series, and we are always active to chat on our website ChatBot to offer our best advice.

Celebrating Father’s Day, the Valley Living way.

Kelsey Pilkington, owner