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Bamboo Socks: What are they?

Our feet are something we rely on every single day, and sometimes we take them for granted. Really, they play a super important role in our lives. If feet were a person (even though they aren’t) we would appreciate this person, care for them, and treat them.
Why should our feet be different?

A new trend on the foot market has emerged which we think brings a solution to the above.
Bamboo socks – luxuriously softer socks which are said to bring us ‘the walk of dreams’, these organic, moisture managing and ultra comfortable socks put cotton in the past.

About bamboo socks…

Made from non-chemical fabric, bamboo socks are temperature regulating so eliminate any chance of over heating feet or any nasty unwanted fungal infections!
As well as this the material is super kind to the skin and has many beneficial natural properties for allergy suffers including eczema, if you’ve unfortunately suffered from any allergies and sensitivities then these socks are perfect for you.
Preventing moisture from building up, softness and anti bacterial properties are something that goes without asking when it comes to our fabulous bamboo socks.

Perfect additions to your sock drawer these bamboo socks have so much to offer, you could start with one plain pair or one funky pair that are something a little different. These socks are perfect for everyday, initially designed and created for the natural athlete or the unfortunate allergy sufferer. If you’re just someone who likes saving the world one bit at a time, bamboo socks equal the universal fantastic fit for everyone (in sizes 4-7!)

Audrey Spencer, owner

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