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A day in the life: A trade fair

Birmingham Spring Fair: Told by us at Valley Living.

To begin with we have an early start… The Valley Living team arrive at the train station bright eyed! and full of enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Virgin train refreshment carriage is the first port of call. 3x brews.

Prior to the day we have received the catalogue (with a map!) so we know the sections we are heading for, the NEC in Birmingham is massive and every hall is packed with stands from all over the UK and Europe. So a plan of approach is vital.

Looking for ideas to bring back to Clitheroe is both exciting and tiring so by 11am a brew and breakfast roll is definitely needed…..revitalised and enthusiasm rejuvenated off we go again, 2 halls down 8 or 9 to go!!

It is always lovely when we hit on special items and that then puts a spring in our step. You will have to follow us on social media or pop into the shop to see these super editions we have found 😉

Before we know it, an afternoon brew and muffin is calling, a little bit more walking and chatting to lovely suppliers and it is time to head for our train home, this all comes a little too quickly and we usually end up jogging down the last hall.

Sore feet, exhausted and ladened with bags of leaflets and information we do well not to fall asleep on the train and wake up in Edinburgh!!

Oooo, But we do love a good trade fair…

Easter collection display- Birmingham 2019

Now to decide what you would all like the best?? This is the next fun part…

Auds’ Top Trade Fair Tips:

  1. Take time to peruse the pre- show catalogue well before your alarm clock goes off on the day of the show
  2. Wardrobe selection… the most comfortable pair of shoes ever invented and something cool, as those halls get hot (particular when jogging)
  3. Try to limit what you pick up and put in your bag, only what you are REALLY interested in otherwise you will have wished you had brought a trolley
  4. However well you plan your trip, invariably you will be rushing at the end, it may be an idea to make it a 2 day event
  5. Allow time to sit down for refreshments whenever any of your team are fading. Enjoy your day, have fun, chat and absorb as much as possible from people that have been doing this probably much longer than me
  6. Don’t forget (as i did) that Virgin trains sell wine in the refreshment carriage, this would have gone down perfectly. Oh and get one of your team to wear a step tracker so that the end of the day you can be reminded how many steps you’ve done and how many calories you’ve burnt.

Audrey Spencer, owner

My passion for cooking stems from my childhood growing up on my family's farm. Mealtimes would often involve being joined by friends, family and neighbours, all eager to enjoy the wonderful farmhouse fayre. As a professional chef I’ve worked in award winning restaurants, boutique country house hotels, and even the Royal Palace! Today, I hope my recipes can help you to enjoy good food, and good company, in style.