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Chilling Rocks

The ‘Chilling Rocks’ at Valley Living are perfect for those who prefer not to have a watered down drink. No time to chill your drink? Simply use either a gin stone or a stainless steel ice cube to cool your beverage and your good to go! The days of worrying about diluting your favourite drink are over…

Gin Stones

Add a classy touch to your drink.
Once frozen the ice stones cool your drink with no bitter taste or odour, and there is no dilution of your gin! They have the added benefit of being easy to wash and reusable, making them eco friendly. The 9 piece granite chilling stones can of course be used for other drinks, guaranteeing you ‘a drink on the rocks’.

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

The Stainless Steel Set of 4  Ice Cubes are a sleeker version of the Gin Stones, if you aren’t as keen on the granite then this option is for you! Simply freeze for three hours and you’re good to go. Approximate dimensions:  27 cm x 27cm x 27cm

Both products arrive boxed in a velvet drawstring bag, ready to go either as a gift or a present to yourself!

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